Gravel and Mulch typically covers 100 square feet per Yard at 2" Deep .


$25.00 Per/HalfYard

Natural Stone

Small Trap

$70.00 Per/Yard

Merramac C

$70.00 Per/Yard

Large Trap

$70.00 Per/Yard

Large Rainbow

$70.00 Per/Yard

Landscape Supply

Small Rainbow

$40.00 Per/Yard

Hard Wood

$19.50 Per/Half Yard

Stone Engraving

​​Red granite

$90.00 per yard

We have all of your stone engraving needs. We use all natural stones for the beauty and durability.

Red Dye

$23.00 Per/Half Yard

Current Hours

Mon-Fri 9-4

Saturday 10-2 .

Central Stone & Landscape Supply,  natural stone, decorative gravel mulch

Decorative Mulch

Decorative Gravel

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